I still Remember the Day When…

camp epic 3

I still remember the first day when I heard “EPIC CAMP” phrase. That was October 26, 2016 when a friend of mine sent us a document in my English Department’13 whatsapp group. The title of the document was EPIC CAMP Application Form. Yep, it was EPIC CAMP not CAMP EPIC. At that time I just wondered what camp epic is, what kind of program is that and so on. Yet, at that time we decided to try this overwhelming opportunity.

I still remember the day when my friends and I stayed up until almost midnight at my lecturer’s house. Yeah, it was 15 of November, 2016. The deadline of camp epic 3, we still haven’t finished our application forms yet. Since I know this application only required the application form, there must be many applicants who interested in joining this camp. Thus, my friend and I tried the best we could in completing this application form. It took me a couple of hours till I was ready to send the application to RELO email. When we sent the application form, the watch on my left hand showed that it was 23.45. I’ve never imagined before that, later, this application means so much for me.

I still remember how I was thrilled once I read the email from RELO US Embassy. That was on the 16 of December, 2016. I checked my mailbox, and how shocked I was when I read that I’ve been chosen as one of the participants of camp epic 3. I’ve never imagined that I’d be the campers of this camp before. Never. I even didn’t expect that the announcement would be in that day for my lecturer had contacted camp epic committee and they said that the announcement would be finished by December 19. I’ve prepared myself for 19 December, for the bad and the good, but not for the 16 of December.

I still remember the way I kept my exhilaration from everyone around me once I realised that my friends’ application were not among the 47 chosen participants. From that time I decided to stop talking about camp epic to my friends for I was afraid it might irritate them. Another reason was because camp epic location was ‘only’ in Batu, Malang. At that time I used to think that “something is called outstanding when you can join a program that is far from your home”, whatever the program is. So, at that time I was afraid that my friends would think “where is the good thing? It’s only located in Batu. Everyone can go there easily”. Thus, I kept my excitement with me myself.

I still remember how hectic I was when I had to leave Jember in the tomorrow morning yet I haven’t prepared anything as that day was my best friend’s wedding. The clock said that it was 23.30 when I just started preparing for tomorrow. Preparing for the day that later changed everything in my life.

That day was the very first exciting day On January before other exciting days came. The day when the first time I met my new friends that later became my new family. At that time, I could easily recognise them since I’d been stalking them for days before. That day was the first time we sat and had dinner together as completely strangers.

Couple of days later, we lived as the way family live. We sang, played, taught, danced, joked, ate, ran, walked, swam, gossiped, laughed, and cried together. We also did many unpredicted thing to survive in the camp, especially for the laundry. Ahh, I still remember the way I washed my laundry before the laundry service was available. That was my first time washing my laundry in washbasin a.k.a wastafel since I had no any bucket. Later I know, it was not only me but also other campers. Another overwhelming thing was, I (again, it was not only me) dried my clothes using hairdryer. Hahah.

I still remember the night when all of the campers were busy with their own preparation for the tomorrow microteaching, yet my microteaching group were still busy with our own thought, in silence, ngoahaha. I remember the night when my roommates and I talked about many things from A to Z till the lights out.

Time flies, I remember the last day when we sang a “Camp Song” in our farewell party, we cried over and over considering that it was our last night. I remember the day when the campers, one by one, shook my hand and said see you until I see you in front of Minahasa room, the day when we really wanted to stay a day more yet the time was over.

Now, it’s been a month since the first time we met, but you, guys, have a very special place in my heart as if we knew each other for years. I don’t know what makes you different. I’ve no idea what makes EPIC so overwhelming. I’ve joined many programs like CAMP EPIC, I’ve travelled everywhere for free. But the feeling ain’t the same. I’ve spent my three years with my senior high school friends, yet leaving them was not as hard as leaving you, guys. We met only for two weeks, we spent days for two weeks, yet it feels like I’ve spent a whole of my life with you. *ah bagian ini terlalu alay* hahha :’)


Situbondo, dalam keadaan ngantuk warbiasyah

February 14th, 2017