the second and third chances meet Channa


So, today is my last exam 😀 I am so excited, but I still have another assignment that should be submitted tomorrow, means it less than 24 hours. But no matter, I will do my best tonight. Yes tonight hahha.

By the way, today I have so many experience with Channalle. So, you still remember about Channa, rite? The internship from Spain that stay at my department. Yes, she is. Nah, today Mbak Iik, Rofi, Riza, and I went to EC corner and we meet Hendra and Dio there, of course with Channa and Mr. Hari – my Favourite lecture huehehe. Then, we have some meeting, talking about our agendas next two or three months, blabla nothing so special until Mr. Hari left the room, and left us only with Channa. Yes, channa. Then, we have some conversations to Channa, about many things, dangdut, Javanese, something spicy, et all. And taraaaa, we were start having Channa’s number,  asking Channa for hang out this night, asking channa for having ome lunch in the canteen. And yes we did it.

I just come from Cafe Kolong with Channa, Titis, Mbak Iik, Suci, Yeni, and Firly. Nothing, we just have drinks, playing card, and laughing together. I don’t know what to write today.. err, i start making this website as my private website  so, in this website you will find like curcol hahah.. and the serious thing will find at  please visit. Errr


IMG_20160412_233842 IMG_20160412_233857 IMG_20160412_233924 IMG_20160412_233937




*btw, the way I write this article is like the way i write something in bahasa Indonesia when i was in elementary school. So flat -_- hahhaha



Jember, 12 April, 2016


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